On this page you will find all the relevant video links about the use and results of  Ekobooster1 and Ekobooster2, EkoVital and EkoFreez preparations.

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video ekobooster 1-2

EkoBooster 1 and 2

  1. EkoBooster1 – basic informations
  2. Pepper (paprika) and  EkoBooster2 (2009)
  3. Experimental field in Vrbas, Serbia (2010)
  4. Tomato and EkoBooster2 (2010)
  5. Watermelon and EkoBooster2 (2010)
  6. Late sowing of maize (2010)
  7. Experimental field of Syngenta hybrid maize (2010)
  8. Effects of EkoBooster2 on tomato and celery (2010)
  9. Quick regeneration of maize by using EkoBooster1 (2010)
  10. Effects of EkoBooster1, EkoBooster2 and Eko Vital on pepper and tomato (2010) 
  11. Effects of EkoBooster preparation on cucumber (2010) 
  12. EkoBooster on KWS hybrids – Tornjoš, Vojvodina, Serbia  (1)
  13. EkoBooster on experimental field, KWS maize hybrid  – Tornjoš, Vojvodina, Serbia (2)
  14. EkoBooster on experimental field, KWS maize hybrid  – Tornjoš, Vojvodina, Serbia (3)
  15. Čo je prípravok EkoBooster – What is the EkoBooster actually (2010)
  16. Experience with the EkoBooster treatment of clover (2010)
  17. Organic Fertilizer Ekobooster – effects on agricultural crops (2010)
  18. EkoBooster on “pickles / gherkin / cornishon”  (2010)


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ekofreez ekovital

EkoVital and EkoFreez

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