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Effects of Ekobooster 1®

  • – According to the chemical composition, Ekobooster 1® is increasing the overall fertility of soil and substrate.
  • – The product is adjusted to different pH values of the substrate.
  • Ekobooster 1® is usable for growing all types of plants.
  • – Provides better reception and rooting of the plants.
  • – Greater grow.
  • – Intensely flowering.
  • Ekobooster 1® increases the speed of germination for several times compared to the control plants
  • – Improves plant nutrition – all the macro and micro elements, especially nitrogen and phosphorus
  • – Stronger the resistance of the root system of cultural plants to diseases of microbiological origin.
  • – This product can be mixed with other micro-biological preparations
  • – This product can be used in the vegetative stage of growth.


Ekobooster 1® , is an organic fertilizer, biostimulator and bio-regulator, a product which is intended for seed treatment and strengthen the root system during rooting the plants. It contains all necessary nutritional elements for the early stage of plant development. Ekobooster 1® provides a very fast start of the seeds, since it contains all the necessary nutrients for the initial phase of the plant – seed germination and rooting. The unique technological process which is used to manufacture the Ekobooster 1® makes it special. The product is organic and not harmful to human health. The product is not made on the basis of swine manure.


ekobooster101 EN



Organic matter………2.8%

Nitrogen (N)…………. 14%

 Phosphorus (P) ………2%

Potassium (K)………… 5%


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