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 Effects of EcoFreez®


Reduces the risk of late frost and provide earlier and better yields,

Increases the adoption of food and water and increase plant immunity and disease resistance,

Extends the length of the  vegetation process of plants in the autumn, also extends the length of harvesting, thus increasing the amount of harvested fruits,

Speeds up metabolism and increases the content of amino acids, proteins, sugars, oils, vitamins, minerals, and especially antifreeze proteins,

– Provides increased photosynthetic capacity, increased osmotic pressure and intake of food and water through the root system,

The flowering is more intensive,

The fruits are larger, heavier, shinier, more enjoyable, thus increasing quality of the products,

In implementing on the soil,  EkoFreez ® lowers the pH level and reduce the number of pathogens in the soil,

Improves plant nutrition with all the micro and macro elements, especially with nitrogen and phosphorus,

Strengthens the root system of cultivated plants,

– EkoFreez ® can be mixed with other micro-biological preparations,

The product can be used in the vegetative stage of plant growth.

EkoFreez - organski biljni antifriz , antifriz za biljke , natural plant antifreez

Peaches treated with EkoFreez®


EkoFreez - organski biljni antifriz , antifriz za biljke , natural plant antifreez

The minimum leaf length is 2 cm for EkoFreez® treatment


EkoFreez ® is an Organic Plant antifreeze, an unique product on the market and is designed to reduce the harmful effects of frost in early spring or late autumn. Due to the very high amounts of trace elements such as Boron (B), Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn) it can be used as an extra plant food on potatoes, sugar beets, carrots and other plants and tubers. Applying 1 liter of EkoFreez ®  to 150 liters of water ( 0.75% solution ) can be improved the photosynthesis of plants at lower temperatures.


EkoFreez ® should be applied 3-4 days before the onset of freezing temperatures. It is used in the production of vegetable crops, seedlings and fruit production. EkoFreez ® is a liquid organic fertilizer but also has nutritional value and its role is twofold (protective and nutritious). Using EkoFreez ® on cropper in the autumn it reduces the leaves falling, and the buds will increase resistance to high and low temperatures. Application in early in the season and during the creation of buds, flowering and fruit development, increases the plant’s resistance to injury from late spring cold spells, and the application at the end of the development phase give resistance increasing from damage caused by early autumn cooling. All enzymes and amino acids will enter in the plant through the stoma.

In a short period of time the enzymes stimulate the plants to produce their own antifreeze protein (AFP) and antifreeze amino acids (AAA). Those will help protect the plant from cold and frostbite. Inside the plant increases the photosynthesis level and the osmotic pressure. Fertilizer from the EkoFreez ®  will be used and converted into the required molecules such as sugars, vitamins, oils and proteins. The effect lasts between 12 to 15 days. By using EkoFreez ® the fruits will become heavier, bigger, tastier and more shinier. The EkoFreez ® should be used several times during the growing season in the ratio of 1/150, across the leafs with a minimal amount of water, but be advise spraying both leaf sides. Application over soil has a positive effect on the development of beneficial microorganisms.


Recommended Application: Foliar Treatment


Spray with the most finer mist to provide the best possible coverage of the plant leaf. It is highly recommended to spray during sunny and good weather, when the temperature in the greenhouse is at least 12 ° C or outdoors minimum 9 ° C, between  10 AM and 14 PM. If it is not possible – application of the EkoFreez ® is recommended during the hottest part of the day.

Leaf size on the plant should be at least 2 cm in length that product might work.

EkoFreez - organski biljni antifriz , antifriz za biljke , natural plant antifreez

Strawberries treated with EkoFreez® should be covered with agro-textile also


EkoFreez - organski biljni antifriz , antifriz za biljke , natural plant antifreez

Plum orchard treated with EkoFreez®




Organic matter : 17%

Nitrogen (N)………….. 3%

Potassium (K) ……….4%

Boron(B)…………. 1.4%

Manganese (Mn)…… 0.5%

Zink (Zn) …………0.3%




Treat only healthy plants. Spray only in preventive matter, the sick, deformed, or in any way damaged plants should not be treated because they will not react the treatment accordingly. If the plants suffered cold shock EkoFreez ® will not work. The effect of EkoFreez ® usage results depends on the type of plant, its genetic potential, the general state of the plant, temperature, soil, quantity and quality of added mineral fertilizer and the like. Not every plant species is capable of producing the antifreeze proteins and amino acids, but those that can, with EkoFreez ® will produce even more and allow the plant to bear the cold much easier, reducing or completely passing without damage.

The recommended treatment plan for crops (PDF)




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