EkoBooster 2®

march 1th, 2013 by Ekopatent



  • – EkoBooster 2® have high content of N, P, K stimulates the plant growth and development,

  • – Affects the strength of plants and increases their green mass,

  • – Intensify color in flowering period,

  • – EkoBooster 2® accelerates the revival at re-planting, the weight of the fruit and the sugar content in them,

  • – Increases plant resistance to disease and stressful situations,

  • – The quality fertilizers have an impact on the quality of repair of worn and acidified soil due to excessive use of mineral fertilizers,

  • – Contents and the relationship of all the nutrients in the product is such that it represents the full nutrient for all plant types and sorts

  • – EkoBooster 2 raise the resistance to diseases of microbiological origin,

  • – Strengthens the degree of fruit set, increases the percentage of fertilization and growth of fruits (larger sizes)

  • – The product can be mixed with other micro biological preparations

  • – Can be used in the vegetative stage of growth.


Treated tomato re-plants

The primary nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other trace elements are present in a high percentage in the form of easily accessible compounds (chelate form).

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